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03.11.12 - American Morlocks: Another Civilian Massacre and the Savagery of Our Soldiers

08.09.11 - The Invisible Dead and "The Last Word": Lawrence O'Donnell 'Rewrites' the Occupation of Afghanistan


12.31.13 - Panic, Predictions and Propaganda: Endless Empty Estimates on Iran's Nuclear Program

12.26.13 - Time Warped: Repeated Rhetoric of Urgency from Israel to Iran

12.20.13 - Acclaimed Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi's New Film Comes to American Screens

12.14.13 - Spinning Iran's Centrifuges: A Quick Lesson in Alarmism

12.13.13 - American Who Disappeared in Iran in 2007 Revealed as CIA Agent

12.03.13 - The Final Proof That You Can't Trust the Persians

11.29.13 - Balé, Ma Mitunim: Rouhani’s Own "Yes, We Can" Video

11.15.13 - Keep Calm Tehran: A Video Respite

11.11.13 - Iran's Nuclear Rights vs. the West's "Bombastic Diplomacy"

11.11.13 - What an Al-Monitor Analyst Gets Wrong about Arak

11.08.13 - Fashion Photography on the Streets of Iran, Then and Now

11.07.13 - NBC Nightly News Reports on Iran from 1979 and 1980

11.03.13 - Talkin' Bad Journalism and Propaganda with Scott Horton

11.01.13 - Finding Humanity, Not Stereotypes, #InsideIran

10.31.13 - Atomic Errors: Propaganda & Ignorance in Reporting on Iran

10.18.13 - A Persian Version of ‘The Sound of Music’ Hits the Stage in Tehran

10.16.13 - The Crying of Flight 655:The Washington Post and the Whitewashing of a War Crime

10.11.13 - As Usual, Orientalism Employed to Undermine Diplomacy with Iran

10.04.13 - The Mainstreaming of Iran: From Ancient Persian Ruins to Iranian Living Rooms

10.01.13 - Kerry, Kerry, Quite Contrary: US Secretary of State Reveals Ignorance on Iranian Nuclear Program

09.30.13 - George Stephanopoulos Thinks Iran is Enriching Weapons-Grade Uranium...But It's Not.

09.30.13 - Mainstream Media's Ongoing Disinformation Campaign on Iran

09.30.13 - Talkin' Détente with Scott Horton

09.29.13 - The Consistency of Official Iranian Commentary, Part II: Are Rouhani's Statements Really a Huge Break from the Past?

09.28.13 - The Consistency of Official Iranian Commentary: Are Rouhani's Statements Really a Huge Break from the Past?

09.27.13 - CNN’s ‘Open Mic’ in Tehran: Iranians Tell It Like It Is

09.20.13 - Iran’s ‘Constructive Engagement’ Undermines Israeli Propaganda

09.18.13 - Rouhani, Like Countless Iranian Officials Before Him, Affirms: Iran Will Never Seek Nuclear Weapons

09.13.13 - New Documentary Reclaims “The Canadian Caper” from Affleck’s “Argo”

09.06.13 - Iranian American Artists On A Mission to Stop War Through Hip Hop

08.29.13 - Only Bad Guys Ignore Public Opinion, Right? Not to Mention International Law

08.23.13 - Is This The Most Pathetic Sting Operation the U.S. Government Ever Concocted?

08.16.13 - Calls for Diplomacy with Iran Come from Unlikely Sources

08.10.13 - "Plan B" From Outer Space: The Hype Over Iran Continues

08.09.13 - Modern and Contemporary Iranian Art, On Display and In Demand

08.05.13 - Alas, Arak: Plutonium, the Press & a New Path to Propaganda

08.03.13 - Lost in Mistranslation: Before Inauguration, Rouhani Gets the Ahmadinejad Treatment

08.02.13 - Wagering on War Crimes: The Atlantic’s Latest Anti-Iran Propaganda

08.01.13 - After Ahmadinejad, Alarmism Still Reigns

07.31.13 - Iran Alarmism and the "Time is Running Out" Canard

07.19.13 - EU Sanctions on Iran Continue Collapsing in Court

07.16.13 - Benjamin & His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Lies: Netanyahu Cries 'Wolf'...Again

07.13.13 - Dirty Laundry: MEK Re-Ups 3 Year Old Nuclear Propaganda; Terror Group is Sounding Board for Dubious US Intel

07.11.13 - Relax, Iran Isn't Going to Withdraw from the NPT

07.06.13 - John Bolton Condemns US Reaction to Egypt Coup: A Warmonger's Guide to Shouting Support & Prudent Silence

07.05.13 - Mainstream U.S. Media & A Tale of Two Coups

06.28.13 - The Future of Iran’s Foreign Policy (and Arsalan Kazemi)

06.25.13 - TIME OUT! Aryn Baker's Selective History of the 2009 Iranian Election

06.19.13 - How Bogus Narratives Perpetuate: The Guardian's Bad Facts on Iran Return

06.17.13 - Looking For 'A New Devil’: Israeli Leaders & Supporters Scramble After Iran Election

06.16.13 - #IranElection: Wide Asleep in America's Twitter Coverage

06.14.13 - An Interview with Hooman Majd:Part 2: It’s the Economy & Threats Stupid!

06.13.13 - AMAZEBALLS: Rachel Maddow's Ignorance on Iran

06.12.13 - An Interview with Hooman Majd:Part 1: The Presidential Election

06.11.13 - On Non-Resident Voting in the Iranian Election

06.07.13 - Social Freedoms & Women’s Rights Take Center Stage in Iran’s Presidential Debate

05.31.13 - Iran: Beyond the Headlines, Beneath the Fold

05.24.13 - Will Iran’s Next President Be Elected or Selected?

05.19.13 - Outsourced Trolling, Weak Replies and More Bad Research: Javedanfar's Former Students Unsuccessfully Defend Their Mentor

05.10.13 - In Iranian Town, Recycled Stones Make For Groundbreaking Architecture

05.08.13 - Muck & Meir: Prolific Analyst Botches Facts to Vindicate Failed Iran Sanctions Policy

05.03.13 - New Study Examines Media Coverage of Iranian Nuclear Program

05.01.13 - The Daily Beast Takes the Bait on Anti-Iran Propaganda

04.29.13 - New Israeli Math and the Return of the Holocaust Analogy: Steinitz: Iran "Equal to 30 Nuclear North Koreas."

04.27.13 - The Guardian's Bad Facts: Error-Filled Article Needed More Editorial Inspection

04.24.13 - Decades of Threats and the Delusions of Shimon Peres

04.23.13 - Nostrad-Amos! The Hysterical Predictions of Israel's Former Military Intel Chief

04.22.13 - Iran Remains Committed to NPT, Despite Bluster from MPs, While U.S. Ignores Treaty Obligations

04.18.13 - Clapper: Iran Still Not Building a Nuclear Weapon; Purpose of Sanctions is to Foster Unrest

04.12.13 - The Lonely & Lovely “Look” of Iranian Photographer Newsha Tavakolian

04.08.13 - The Ironic Lady: Margaret Thatcher, Supposed Champion of Freedom and Democracy, and Her Dictator Friends

04.05.13 - Cautious Optimism as Negotiations Between Iran and the P5+1 Resume in Almaty

03.29.13 - From a Candy Factory in Iran to the 'Sweet Sixteen' in Indiana: Arsalan Kazemi’s Mad March through the NCAA

03.24.13 - Khamenei's Nowruz Speech and the "Threat" That Wasn't

03.22.13 - The Last Straw: Britain’s Former Foreign Secretary Regrets One War, Tries to Avoid Another

03.18.13 - The Not-So-Imminent Iranian Nuke: A Year Away for a Decade

03.17.13 - Ever-Closing Windows and Biden Time on Iran at AIPAC

03.15.13 - U.S. Intel Chief Says Iran Isn't Building Nukes.Is Anybody Listening?

03.08.13 - From Iraq to Iran: Memories Ignored & Lessons Unlearned

03.05.13 - Massimo Calabresi's 'Path To War'

03.02.13 - Fifty People, One Question: Tehran Edition

03.01.13 - Wide Asleep on CounterSpin Radio

02.26.13 - Wide Asleep on Radio Dispatch...and Other News

02.23.13 - Oscar Prints the Legend: Argo's Upcoming Academy Award and the Failure of Truth

02.22.13 - Maternity Leave, Iran, and American Exceptionalism

02.17.13 - Going For The Gold:The P5+1's Latest Lackluster Offer to Iran

02.15.13 - In Iran, Sanctions Speak Louder Than Words

02.14.13 - The BBC Spins the Truth on Iran's New Centrifuges

02.07.13 - The Talented Mr. Takeyh: Why Doesn't the Council on Foreign Relations Fellow Like Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett?

02.06.13 - Iraq, Iran, Red Lines and Headlines

01.31.13 - The Ongoing Saga of Bad Websourcing: Does Al-Monitor Even Have Editors?

01.20.13 - When Fact Becomes Opinion: Half-Truths, Non-Truths & the Phony Objectivity of the Associated Press

01.16.13 - Jordan Paust's Bad Law: UH Law Professor Tries & Fails to Legalize an Israeli Attack on Iran

01.09.13 - For ThinkProgress, Any Critique of U.S. Foreign Policy is "Anti-American Propaganda"

12.22.12 - Wired's Weird Propaganda and the Most Dangerous Man in the World

11.27.12 - Graphoganda!, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love George Jahn's Embarrassing Nonsense

11.21.12 - The Persian Gulf on Tonkin: Will Hawks Succeed in Igniting a Disastrous War Against Iran?

10.22.12 - What We Won't Hear in Boca: Nine Things to Remember During the Iran Section of the Presidential Debate Tonight

10.21.12 - The Constant Countdown: Never-Ending Hype, Hysteria, and Hyperbole about Iran's Nuclear Program

10.18.12 - Lights, Camera...Propaganda! RT: Hollywood beats the war drum

10.12.12 - Argo's Asinine Auteur and his American Audience: Are We Hostages to Hollywood History?

10.10.12 - The Goldberg Predilections: Ignoring Decades of Iranian Statements on Nuclear Weapons for the Sake of Propaganda

10.01.12 - Reuters Fails the "Find-Replace" Game for Recycling Iraq Propaganda about Iran

08.25.12 - Editor vs. Editor: New York Times' Rosenthal Ignores Ombudsman's Advice on Responsible Journalism Regarding Iranian Nuclear Program

08.14.12 - Points of No Return, Zones of Immunity, & Windows of Opportunity: The Constant Israeli Hype Over Iran 

08.09.12 - Is Barak Ravid the new Judith Miller?

07.21.12 - The Insanity of Anti-Iran Propaganda

07.14.12 - MEK Spokesmen and Their Cozy Home at The Huffington Post

07.09.12 - Threats and Propaganda: 30 Years of U.S. Policy towards Iran [VIDEO]

05.16.12 - That Was Now, This is Then: Another Pro-War Resolution Hits the House Floor

05.14.12 - Wall Street Journal Shocker: Iranians Have Democratic Values (or, OMG! Iranians are Like Totally Almost Like Real Humans!)

05.13.12 - I Want My - I Want My - I Want My NPT: This Weekend's Extravaganza of Crapoganda on Iran's Nuclear Program

05.08.12 - Biden to Israel: Bomb Away!

05.05.12 - Perceptions of Persia: The Persistent & Pervasive Orientalism of the West's Iran Policy

03.24.12 - The Tribalism & Latent Racism of Jeremy Ben-Ami

03.02.12 - Hurting, Hanging, Suffocating & Starving: The Inhumanity of Iran Threat Rhetoric

02.27.12 - Israeli Reactions to Oscar-Winning Iranian Film Reveals an Ignorant & Propagandized Population

02.22.12 - Them's War-Startin' Words! Jeffrey Goldberg's Disingenuous Condemnation of Tucker Carlson

02.14.12 - Alan Dershowitz's Awful Law & Terrorist Friends

02.07.12 - Obama Lies about the Iranian Nuclear Program: Super Bowl Sunday Edition

02.02.12 - The Warmongering Post: Iran, Israel, Ignatius, and the Intended Consequences of Propaganda

01.31.12 - The Sound of One Hand Clapping: The U.S. Tries Too Hard to Fear-Monger about Iran

01.26.12 - The Kowtowing of CAP: ThinkProgress Buckles to Josh Block Bullying

01.24.12 - We Aren't The World: Obama, Iran, and The Arrogance of Empire

12.25.11 - Troll and Response: A Follow-Up

12.13.11 - The Warped Morality of a Warmonger: Why Alan Dershowitz is Wrong on Israel's 'Rights'

11.21.11 - Bluster Bombs: Israel's Empty Iran Threats Continue

11.17.11 - On Al Jazeera's "The Stream" with Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi, co-creators of Voice of America's "Parazit"

11.12.11 - Reality Withdrawal: The Iran Nuclear Scare™ Cycle Continues

11.10.11 - The Iran Attack That Will Never Happen: Perennial Threats, Permanent Bluff

11.08.11 - The New IAEA Report on Iran: An Initial Response to the Explosive Reactions...of the Press

11.07.11 - Rattling Sabers & Beating Drums: Fear-Mongering over Nuclear Iran Reaches a Fever-Pitch

09.08.11 - Nuclear Propaganda and the Failure of Journalism:
Iran, the IAEA, and the Mainstream Media

07.20.11 - Fleitz of Fancy & A New Diehl on Iran (Iran Nuclear Scare Timeline Update XLVII)

07.19.11 - Herman Cain, Israel, Iran, and the "Clinton Doctrine"

07.13.11 - The "Iranian Weapons in Iraq" Carousel: Around and Around It Goes

06.28.11 - The Uncritical Stenography of Beltway Reportage: Is Robert Zeliger Killing Truth in Foreign Policy?

06.24.11 - The Iranian "Nuclear Test" Report: Gerdab, The Guardian, and How Propaganda Spreads

06.23.11 - Meir Javedanfar Strikes Again! - Inappropriate Use of "Unprecedented" Reveals His Agenda

06.16.11 - Two Smart Fellows, They Tell Lies: The Truth vs. Think Tankers Maloney & Takeyh

(a rebuttal to a New York Times op-ed which repeats long-debunked myths about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)

06.06.11 - RAND Researcher: Iran is Two Months Away From A Nuke! (Iran Nuclear Scare Timeline Update XLII)

(a new report claims Iran is a mere eight weeks from obtaining enough high-enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb)

06.05.11 - On the Tehran Research Reactor & Polonium-210: An E-Mail Exchange with Jeremy Bernstein

(an email exchange with the author of the recent error-filled blog post from the NYRB)

06.02.11 - Jeremy Bernstein's Nuclear Propaganda Fail: The New York Review of Books Gets It Wrong on Iran

(a comprehensive response to the myriad mistakes made in a recent New York Review of Books blog post about the Iranian nuclear program)

06.01.11 - Israel's Pompous Posturing & Idle Threats (Iran Nuclear Scare Timeline Update XXXIX)

(a review of recent comments by former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and what Iranian President has long been saying about the (im)possibility of an Israeli strike on Iran)

05.31.11 - An Illegal, Unprovoked Military Attack on Iran?: Anything Less Would Be Uncivilized (Iran Nuclear Scare Timeline Update XXXVIII)

(Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon, Mark Fitzpatrick, and the Iranian "threat to the entire civilized world")

05.31.11 - Meir Javedanfar's Continued Fear-Mongering and Shoddy Journalism (Iran Nuclear Scare Timeline Update XXXVII)

(a response to bad journalism and misinformation surrounding the latest IAEA report on Iran's nuclear program, focusing primarily on the reporting of Meir Javedanfar)

05.26.11 - Interview with Kourosh Ziabari

(my interview with Iranian journalist Ziabari, in which I discuss Israeli-American relations, Iran's nuclear program, recent Arab uprisings, and the death of Osama Bin Laden)

05.24.11 - A Busy Week, AIPAC'd with Propaganda (Iran Nuclear Scare Timeline Update XXXVI)

(a review of statements made by Obama and Netanyahu at various DC gatherings, plus an explosion in Abadan, a new IAEA report, and a new round of sanctions)

05.04.11 - Israeli Fear-Mongering about Iran Faces a Barak-lash (Iran Nuclear Scare Timeline Update XXXIII)

(recent comments by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak have dealt a blow to Iran hawks)

02.09.11 - It's Pretty Easy Being Green in Iran: A Photographic Rebuttal to Michael Ledeen's Lies

(a photo essay demonstrating the falsehood about Iran's censorship of the color green as propagated by career warmongers like Michael Ledeen)

01.26.11 - Anchors Away! The 'Stability' of U.S. Puppet Dictatorships

(a historical contextualization of the United States' vocal support for Hosni Mubarak's decades-long dictatorship)

01.12.11 - Interview on Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton

(my discussion with Scott Horton about, among other things, the numerous failed predictions of Iran's imminent creation of a nuclear weapon and the constant demonization of Iran's leadership as irrational and genocidal)

01.06.11 - The Campaign for Peace and Democracy's Latest Letter: To Sign or Not to Sign?

(a detailed explanation of why I declined to endorse a recent, popular petition regarding U.S. foreign policy toward Iran)

12.29.10 - The Phantom Menace: Fantasies, Falsehoods, and Fear-Mongering about Iran's Nuclear Program

(a comprehensive time-line of false U.S., Israeli, and European assertions regarding the supposed inevitability and immediacy of a nuclear-armed Iran; allegations that have been made repeatedly for the past thirty years - and updated with the latest bogus predictions!)

10.08.10 - A British Exchange: Comments & Replies

(an informative dialogue regarding the legality of United Nations Security Council sanctions against Iran, international support for Iranian nuclear rights, and the reality of Iran's nuclear energy program)

09.29.10 - International Flaw: With New Iran Sanctions, POTUS Calls Tehran's Kettle Black

(a critical examination of the U.S. government's duplicity in imposing new unilateral sanctions on Iran based on human rights abuses)

07.18.10 - When the Truth is Inconvenient: A Preview of 'Countdown To Zero'

(an analytical look at the anti-nuclear weapons documentary 'Countdown to Zero,' which appears - unfortunately - to be rife with anti-Iranian propaganda and heavy on the hypocrisy)

03.07.10 - 'Néjàd Vu, All Over Again: The Media, 'Pretext,' Context, & 9/11

(a catalog of allegations against President Ahmadinejad, with supporting information debunking the myths used to demonize him in the Western press)

02.15.10 - On the Recent Executions in Iran

(a brief look at the much publicized capital punishment executions in Iran and how they have been misrepresented by the media)

12.27.09 - The New York Crimes: All The Lies That Fit to Print

(a comprehensive dismantling and myth-debunking of University of Texas' Alan Kuperman's latest New York Times OpEd encouraging a immediate military attack on Iran.)

09.24.09 - Obama vs. Ahmadinejad: A Tale of Two UN Speeches

(a comparison of the two presidents' speeches, delivered only seven-hours apart and to very different effect)

06.24.09 - AJAX REDUX: US Heavy Meddle in Iran

(a look at the history of deep involvement and intervention, both overt and covert, of the United States in Iran and how it may have affected the post-election situation)

06.23.09 - In Fraud, We Trust?

(a critical and comprehensive analysis of the allegations of election theft and voter fraud in the Iranian Presidential election)

06.11.09 - On the Table & Off the Map: Threats, Lies, and Iranian Elections

(an election preview on the eve of the Presidential vote in Iran; takes a look at the main candidates political positions)

06.05.09 - Obama's Cairo Speech: Electile Dysfunction, or Timing is Everything!

(an analysis of how the US is involving itself in two upcoming elections in the Middle East, in Lebanon and Iran)

04.29.09 - On Ahmadinejad and Progressive Myopia

(a response to the misguided attitudes of so-called "progressives" or "liberals" to Ahmadinejad, mostly with reference to reactions to the Durban II speech)

04.20.09 - Durban II: Alethophobic Boogaloo

(an analysis of Ahmadinejad's much-maligned speech at the 2009 United Nations World Conference Against Racism; includes some additional commentary in the comment section)

03.15.09 - Pop Goes the Culture...Live From New York, It's the Same Old Propaganda!

(a response to SNL's head writer Seth Meyers' continued Islamophobia and deliberate demonization of Iran)

06.24.08 - Trick or Threat: The US and Israel's Visions of Lebensraum

(another review of recent threats, military and economic, to Iran coming from Washington and Tel Aviv)

05.06.08 - Bush and Bushehr: Dumb Beat To 'War' - Who Are The Real Nuclear Terrorists?

(a review of the US and Israeli threats, real and rhetorical, of attacking Iran)

03.29.08 - To Live and Let Lie: Brain Washing and Iran Bashing

(reviewing the NIE report, presidential campaign rhetoric, push for more sanctions, and a supporting article on the history of the West's relationship with Iran)

03.14.08 - If You Won't Bomb Iran for Us, We'll Find Someone Else Who Will: The Early Retirement of Admiral Fallon

(a look at the US' push for war with Iran, sanctions, Iranian calls for nuclear disarmament, and the retirement of CentCom commander Admiral William Fallon)

01.24.08 - "Blame It On Iran!": The Milli Vanilli-style Broken Record of the War-Mongering US Government

(discusses the usual lies about Iran, mistranslations of Ahmadinejad, and the Strait of Hormuz naval incident)


04.26.13 - War Criminal Gets New Library as Violence Flares in Iraq

04.21.13 - Hey, Remember That Iran War the U.S. Never Fought? Well, Newsday Does.

04.19.13 - Mourning With America from Boston to Baghdad

11.13.11 - Propaganda Revisited: Iraq, Iran, and the Rhyming of History

04.22.08 - IRAQ/N: 10 Commandments & 12 Reasons

03.20.08 - Five Years

02.12.08 - Rand Corp. Report to US Gov't: 'Try Exporting To Your Colonies What You Don't Have Here At Home'

01.28.08 - Hey, Remember When We Bombed, Invaded, Occupied, and Destroyed That Country? No, Not That One, The Other One...


12.27.13 - Remembering the Gaza Massacre

12.12.13 - The Selective Memory of Shimon Peres

12.05.13 - The Destructive Engagement & Youthful Indiscretion of ABC News' Jon Karl

08.21.13 - Rachel Maddow and Chemical Weapons: Inaccurate Information & Telling Omissions

07.14.13 - The Mainstreaming of BDS and an Open Letter to Mohsen Makhmalbaf

05.17.13 - The Newseum’s Decision to Drop Palestinian Journalists from Memorial Prompts Varied Responses

05.13.13 - Buckling to Bigotry: The Newseum Dishonors Murdered Palestinian Journalists

04.15.13 - The "Constructive Engagement" of Liberal Zionists

01.02.13 - The Horror of Equality and the Left-Right Consensus in Israel

12.13.12 - Susan Rice: Israel's 'Gladiator' at the UN

12.04.12 - Has-Maher-a! The Not-So-New Depths of Bill Maher's Delusion and Depravity

09.27.12 - Benjamin Netanyahu: Master of Show-and-Tell

09.20.12 - That Was Now, This Is Then: Netanyahu Edition

08.24.12 - Iranian Rhetoric and the History of the Cancer Analogy

08.18.12 - Some Notes on Ahmadinejad's "Insult to Humanity" Comment

08.17.12 - American Jihadists and Israel's Lone Soldiers: Come for the Perks, Stay for the War Crimes

08.07.12 - StandWithUs' Dishonest Train Campaign: The Resurrected Roman 'Renaming' of Palestine Ruse

07.25.12 - The Washington Post's Racism Problem: Op-Ed Writers Fear 'Flood' of Arabs & Africans Pose Demographic, Existential Threat to a Pure Paradise

07.24.12 - Smiles and Denials: Official Israeli and Iranian Statements Demonstrate a Double Standard

07.19.12 - Israel Sets the Narrative on Bulgaria Attack: Accuses Iran with No Evidence; Media Repeats Claim Dutifully

06.30.12 - Death of a Proud, Self-Avowed Terrorist: Former Israeli PM Yitzhak Shamir Goes to the Great Hague in the Sky

06.19.12 - Blood, Heat and Tears: Why I Can't Root for Miami in the NBA Finals 

05.01.12 - The Injustice of Israeli Impunity: Remembering and Mourning the Samouni Famili

04.28.12 - Zionism: The Ultimate Art of Inception

04.23.12 - The Holocaust, Hallowed Ground, and Hollow Words: Obama's Selective View of the Struggle for Human Dignity

04.19.12 - Condemning Nazi Comparisons and the Instant Israelification of Elie Wiesel

04.18.12 - The Old News of 'New Anti-Semitism'

04.07.12 - Foxman & Friends: ADL Head Lambastes NYC High School Trip to Israel/Palestine for Insufficient Hasbara

02.15.12 - Troubled Jeopardy!: Travels Through Trebekistan

01.23.12 - When Brainwashing Backfires: Military indoctrination at Nazi death camps stokes...universal democratic values!

01.22.12 - The Hypocrisy of Mark Leibler: Indigenous Rights Advocate Denies Indigenous Rights to Palestinians

01.20.12 - From the River to the Sea...? The One-Statism of Likud and the RNC

01.10.12 - Israel: Still not doing Gandhi very well

01.05.12 - The Shoah Must Go On: The Exploitation of Victimhood and the Israeli Trivialization of the Holocaust

10.19.11 - Plumbing the Depths of Deception: Nancy Scola Ignores the H2Occupation of Palestine

09.29.11 - The Department of Corrections: 'Ben-Hur', the LA Times & A Place Called Palestine

07.18.11 - Jeffrey Goldberg vs. The Truth

07.02.11 - The "Deplorable" Acts: The 'Quartet' Comments on Gaza

06.30.11 - Operation Desert Bloom: The Zionist Myth that Won't Spoil, Wither, or Die

06.27.11 - The "No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza" Canard: From Massacre Myopia to Blockade Blindness

04.28.11 - Publishing Propaganda, Ignoring Facts: The NY Daily News puts the Lies in Editorialize

(a response to a NYDN editorial about the upcoming Freedom Flotilla to Gaza)

04.13.11 - The Call Bob Dylan Won't Heed: BDS, Bullies, and Blowing Wind

(folk legend Bob Dylan is set to perform in Israel this June, ignoring the call for him to boycott)

04.07.11 - Israel's War on Palestinian Memory

(a brief note on a surprisingly truthful article in the Los Angeles Times about the pending demolition of the last remaining pre-1948 Palestinian village in Israeli territory)

03.29.11 - Scare Raids & Square Tactics: HasbarArt Comes to NYU

(a report on a multimedia "fake Israeli bomb shelter" installation on Washington Square Park intended to present Israelis as innocent victims of Palestinian terrorism, rather than an active aggressors and occupiers)

01.22.11 - How To Say Nothing Without Really Trying: State Dept. Spokesman Stonewalls on Settlement Stance

(an examination of State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley's verbal acrobatics and question-dodging regarding the potential US veto of a new United Nations Security Council resolution)

01.20.11 - Recognition: Impossible? U.K. Opposes Palestine on Same Grounds It Accepts Israel

(a critical look at the hypocrisy of a recent British declaration that it would not recognize the state of Palestine, as it has neither a capital nor borders)

12.19.10 - Jeffrey Goldberg's Anti-Boycott Bluster & Blunder

(an exposition of the disingenuous claims made by Jeffrey Goldberg associating the BDS movement with anti-Semitism and Nazis)

12.13.10 - Balfour and After: Discussing the Declaration on NPR

(historian Jonathan Schneer discusses The Balfour Declaration on NPR's Leonard Lopate show)

11.16.10 - Peratis and Kulick's Propaganda Paralysis: With Progressive Zionists Like These, Who Needs Likudniks?

(an analysis of - and rebuttal to - claims made by two leading anti-BDS J-Streeters at a recent debate entitled "Jewish Perspectives on the Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions Movement")

09.10.10 - The Thin Green Line: It's Not Just the Settlements (or the Occupation), Stupid!

(an extensive examination of the Israeli artist boycott of settlements within the context of the wider BDS movement and the ideology, intentions, and implications of Zionism itself)

*Also available as a PDF from ColdType

07.14.10 - 'Hope' Floats: Hey Hollywood, Time to Put Your Money Where Your Morality Is

(a call to action for celebrities who stand for human rights, international law, and basic morality to support - especially financially - sending more boats to break the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza)

05.15.10 - The Ridiculest: Bill Maher's Cultural Supremacy and Religious Hierarchy

(a comprehensive exposé of the comedian's deep-seated and completely unfunny Zionism and cultural exceptionalism)

02.05.10 - A Plea Grows in Brooklyn: An Open Letter to District 11

(a call to action for constituents of Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, who retracted her own signature from two 'Dear Colleague' letters condemning the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza and the prevention of free movement for Palestinians)

11.06.09 - GOLDSTONEWALLED! US Congress Endorses Israeli War Crimes

(an analysis of the recent burying of the UN Goldstone Report by the House of Representatives and what protecting Israel from war crime investigations really means)

*Also available as a PDF from ColdType

06.05.09 - Obama's Cairo Speech: "A New Beginning" or The Old Hypocrisy?

(a look at this historic speech was a game-changer or just lovely words masking the same old American exceptionalism and imperialism?)

05.28.09 - The Laws of the Land?, Over the Shills and Far Away

(a response to the bogus justifications of international law and colonial treaties that supposedly legitimize Israel)

05.19.09 - The Grift that Keeps on Giving: Bibi's 'Innocent' Gift to Obama

(an analysis of the hidden meaning behind Netanyahu's proposed gift to Obama upon their first meeting, a copy of Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad)

05.18.09 - Stop the Press! This is what Israeli Democracy Looks Like

(if freedom of the press is truly the litmus test of democracy, how does Israel, the self-proclaimed "only democracy in the Middle East," stack up?)

04.06.09 - The Rotten Orchard

(a look at the culture of militarism, racism, murder, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes in Israel's assault on Gaza in the winter of 2008-2009)

01.14.09 - GAZACRE! - The New Year's Neo-Nakba

(a fact-check of Israeli military justifications, hasbara propaganda, and outright lies concerning the on-going Gaza massacre and collective punishment dubbed 'Operation Cast Lead')

10.01.08 - No Country For Olmert? A Rosh Hashanah Shocker: Carterizing the Wounds of Palestine

09.24.08 - Give Peace a Chancellor: Zionist Youth Descend on UN to Demonize Iran

05.17.08 - Happy Ethnic Cleansiversary! - Zionism's Continuing Fête Accompli

04.11.08 - The Propaganda Train Keeps A'Rollin'...Next Stop: Indoctrination Station!

03.07.08 - On Gaza, a Yeshiva, and the Opening Shots of the Third Intifada

03.03.08 - THE NEW HOLOCAUST: There's No Business Like Shoah Business

02.11.08 - The Return of 'Muskeljudentum' and Murder as State Policy in Israel

02.04.08 - All You Need Is Apartheid?

01.31.08 - JAILBREAK: When Gaza Resists

01.28.08 - Visit Har Homa and Reconnect with the Taxes Taken Out of Your Paycheck!

01.24.08 - GAZA and DOLLS: The Facade of Impartiality Crumbles with Proof of Favoritism in the Face of "Collective Punishment"


08.30.13 - Treaty Obligations, War Crimes and Accountability:A Study in American Hypocrisy

07.18.13 - The Language of Power: Obama's "Humanitarian Hawk" & Israel's New Gladiator at the UN

05.30.13 - The Not-So-Complex World of Michael Bloomberg: When A White Person Does It, That Means It's Not Terrorism

02.16.13 - The State of the Union Quiz: Who Said It? Edition

09.01.12 - The "Only in America" Myth

10.26.11 - Occupy Oakland & Mercenaries of the Oligarchy: The 99% vs. The Iron Heel

10.08.11 - Wall Street's Mike vs. The People's Mic: A Mayor, A Movement, and a Great Divide

10.05.11 - The Ninety-Nine Percent: This Is What #OccupyWallStreet Looks Like (Photo Journal)

07.05.11 - This is Imperial Privilege

05.19.11 - Disregarding Law, Redefining Justice: The (Il)legality of Killing Osama, or "Bin There, Gun That"

(an elaboration on the legal arguments made by progressive commentators regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden)

05.11.11 - The Killing of Osama bin Laden: Vengeance Has Been Done

(does shooting a terrorism suspect in the face and dumping his body into sea accord with the concept of justice?)

04.27.11 - Ayn Rand vs. the Right-Wing Idiots Who Love Her

(a reminder of what Ayn Rand really thought about the common man, religion, and the right to choose)

02.25.11 - Gingrich's D'oh!MA Moment

(what Newt gets wrong about his DOMA vs. Roe v. Wade analogy)

12.15.10 - If Words Could Kill: Those Bloodthirsty Americans and Their Death Threat Duplicity

(a critical analysis of calls in the U.S. media and by politicians to assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and alleged leaker Bradley Manning and the implications of American mob mentality)

*Also available as a PDF from ColdType

12.10.10 - Human Rights Day & U.S. Hypocrisy: Defensive America's Contempt for Full Court, Press

(a look at the U.S. effort to silence dissent and maintain government secrecy in light of the WikiLeaks diplomatic cable release)

06.17.10 - World Cup Domination & Entertaining the Empire: One Aim Changes Everything

(an examination of U.S. militarism in relation to the 2010 World Cup)

*Also included in The ColdType Reader, Issue 48 (available in PDF)

09.10.09 - Indoctrination & Education: Who's Really Brainwashing Our Children?

(a response to the right-wing outrage over Obama's televised speech to students and the true danger of government recruitment in schools)

01.19.09 - Beyond Barack: A Time to Break Idolatry - A King's Old Dream or the Emperor's New Clothes?

(a plea to the new president, on the eve of his inauguration, to heed the inspiring words of Martin Luther King)

11.02.08 - Between Barack and a Hard Place: My November 4th Conundrum

10.26.08 - Don't Call Me Bigot, Whitey

10.13.08 - The Great Pander, The Racist Schlep: Fighting Racism with More Racism

10.02.08 - Debate & Switch: A Palin v. Biden Preview

07.04.08 - Freedumb

06.12.08 - Barack To The Future! (While Clinging Firmly to the Dubious Past & Nightmarish Present)

05.26.08 - Befehl ist Befehl: The Real Memories of Memorial Day

05.11.08 - Mother's Day, 138 Years Later...

05.01.08 - Dock Workers of the World Unite!, The True Meaning of May Day

04.18.08 - Obama: Hip or Hypocrite? - Tibet, No-gotiations, Condemning Carter, and Barack's Belated Bris

04.07.08 - Executive Directive 51, or, The Third Term of George W. Bush

04.01.08 - Yes, I Can! Now I'm Pro-bama! Barack Me, Obamadeus!!!

03.17.08 - The Difference Between Wright and Wrong

03.12.08 - Make War, Not Love: A How-To Guide for Avoiding Impeachment

03.01.08 - The Abominations of the Obama Nation

02.27.08 - You're Not Free and Independent Unless We Say You Are, Got It?!

02.18.08 - No Country For Bold Change, or, why the 2008 Oscars and Election are the same thing

02.12.08 - On Truth & Empire

02.06.08 - No, I Can't.

02.04.08 - From the Super Bowl to Super Tuesday: Is this the week of the underdog?

02.01.08 - UNSC: It Was Credible at Some Point?

01.31.08 - HRW Report: 'Truth, Justice' and 'American Way' Mutually Exclusive

01.29.08 - State of the Union 2008 Wrap-Up - Wait, What Year is This?

01.28.08 - 2008 State of the Union Preview [WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!]