Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Al Jazeera's "The Stream" with Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi, co-creators of Voice of America's "Parazit"

I was on Al Jazeera's "The Stream" today along with Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi, the co-creators/hosts/producers of Parazit, a satirical political commentary program which has been broadcast on the U.S. government-funded Voice of America since late 2010. The discussion was lively and there was a lot more that I had wanted to say but didn't get the chance.

I could certainly dissect what they said and what I said, where we agree and where we differ. But rather than do all that, I'll just post the video. And below it, show some of the classy comments from the Parazit Facebook page. But that's all. For now.



November 19, 2011- The comments on the Parazit Facebook page (and also over at YouTube) keep getting classier. My favorites are the ones that (1) accuse me of being a paid agent of the Islamic Republic and (2) tell me to shut the fuck up/go fuck myself/go to hell/set fire to myself/blow myself up and other assorted activities.

One of the more interesting things I've learned since doing this show is that, unless you think Parazit is the greatest thing ever and don't care at all that they are funded by the U.S. government, you are not only an apologist for the Iranian government but also a fundamentalist Muslim. I didn't realize the choices were that stark, but luckily some Parazit fans have clued me in. Thanks guys.

Here's a hypothetical:

Two ex-patriate Americans living in Tehran work for PressTV and start an English-language show, which is then picked up by PressTV (where they already work), and which - along with Yakov Smirnoff-level comedy coupled with Benny Hill-esque slapstick - relentlessly (and rightfully) criticizes the U.S. government, makes fun of social and cultural mores, and mocks U.S. politicians and policy. Additionally, everything on the show uncritically echoes Iranian foreign policy and the official perspective on American imperialism, war crimes, unconditional support for Zionism, and blatant hypocrisy. Images of Troy Davis, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Rodney King, torture at Bagram and Guantanamo, civilian victims of drone strikes, police abuse at Occupy protests around the country are ubiquitous and the commentary on domestic spying, a two-tiered justice system, the treatment of whistleblowers, the exploding prison population, deportation of immigrants, corporate-controlled media, government lobbying, racial and gender inequality, and access to healthcare and social services is scathing.

This show is then broadcast into the United States. When criticized for being part of the Iranian state-run media, the creators of the show cry foul and insist they are given full editorial control over their show and that no one tells them what to write or say. They claim to be critical of the Iranian government, but give deferential, fawning interviews to government officials and make hardly any mention of Iranian politics on their own show. When asked why they avoid Iranian domestic problems and human rights violations of the Islamic Republic and accused of double-standards, they dismiss the allegations saying, "Hey, our show isn't about that stuff! It's about the United States!"

Now imagine the Iranian government has, for 30 years, tried to foment regime change in the United States (after seeing an Iranian-backed dictatorship fall at the hands of the American people) by supporting and arming a neighboring country in a war against the U.S. (and giving it biological and chemical weapons to use against American citizens), funding armed opposition groups to commit acts of terrorism against the U.S., consistently threatening to bomb the U.S. unless it gives up certain inalienable national rights, among other things.

Even if all the information of the program was well-documented and its content entertaining, do you think the show would have a credibility problem?



November 20, 2011 - Some of the comments floating around about the show have noted the hypocrisy of Al Jazeera, a Qatari state-funded media outlet, addressing the issue of U.S.-funded Voice of America. This is indeed an interesting point and one that could be presented to Al Jazeera itself. To be clear, I was the only person on that program not in some way receiving payment - partially or completely - from a government.

But more importantly, the charge rests heavily on a false equivalence between the U.S. government and the Qatari government. Each government, like any government, has its own agenda, but to present the two as equally powerful and equate their motives is disingenuous. This is not to say, again, that the question of impartiality or bias isn't a valid one - it absolutely is - but there are certainly distinctions between Al Jazeera and Voice of America which should be considered.

Al Jazeera's page on Wikipedia notes, "Following the initial grant [of $137 million] from the Emir of Qatar, Al Jazeera had aimed to become self-sufficient through advertising by 2001, but when this failed to occur, the Emir agreed to several consecutive loans on a year-by-year basis ($30 million in 2004, according to Arnaud de Borchgrave). Other major sources of income include advertising, cable subscription fees, broadcasting deals with other companies, and sale of footage. In 2000, advertising accounted for 40% of the station's revenue."

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find updated budget or funding information.

The website Global Media Wars points out, "The homeland is Qatar, whose leader is rarely criticized. That said, Qatar doesn't get much coverage by any media, due to its tiny size and lack of geopolitical significance – outside of its creation of Al Jazeera." According to Pierre Tristam, "The network is heavily funded by Qatar’s royal family. Boycotts and pressure from other Arab regimes, most notably Saudi Arabia, keeps advertisers away and prevents the station from becoming self-sufficient." Additionally, earlier this year, Al Jazeera Arabic's Washington bureau chief Abderrahim Foukara said that "government of Qatar funds Al Jazeera with hundreds of millions of dollars annually."

It should also be remembered that the U.S. and Qatar have very friendly relations. The U.S. Department of State confirms, "Ties between the U.S. and Qatar are excellent," and acknowledges, "Qatari forces played an important role in the first Gulf War, and Qatar has supported U.S. military operations critical to the success of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom." Indeed, the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar serves as "host to a forward headquarters of United States Central Command, headquarters of United States Air Forces Central Command, and home to both No. 83 Expeditionary Air Group RAF and the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing of the USAF."

Last time I checked, Qatar wasn't funding American opposition groups, promoting regime change or imposing decades of sanctions on the United States. Also, Qatari government officials don't get millions of lobbying dollars from an American exile cult deemed a "terrorist organization" by Qatar promoting regime change in America. (I am in no way associating Parazit with the MEK, just providing some context regarding U.S. government policy towards Iran.)

As for Voice of America specifically, its history speaks for itself and I don't need to go into it here. Some consider the station to be straight-up propaganda, Saman Arbabi calls it "dry, hard news" (Parazit excepted, of course), and others think its efforts are admirable and necessary. This information about the amended Smith-Mundt Act is particularly interesting.

When the Bush administration decided to expand its VOA operations to Iran in 2005, Reuters quoted propaganda expert Nancy Snow of California State University, Fullerton, as saying, "People could see it as a sign that an invasion is coming. It's the sort of thing that happens before nations build up their war effort."

The budget of VOA (and its affiliates) for 2012 is $767 million, which is an increase of 2.5% from the current year. All funding is paid by the U.S. government (tax-payer dollars appropriated annually by Congress).

Here's a lovely photo of Voice of America's Broadcasting Board of Governors with Secretary of State Hillary "obliterate Iran" Clinton, who is also on the board (ex officio). The Board is appointed by the President of the United States. And yes, that's former George W. Bush spokesperson Dana Perino on the left. She's a board member, too.



Cyrus said...

You did a great job, and as soon as that rather too-old wanna-be hipster with the silly hat accused you of "defending dictators", they essentially lost the argument.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of your views on US-Iranian relationship. But with this program I got disappointed. You were just pointing out to the same question over and over and after you got accused of defending (so-called) dictators you lost the point too. You should have asked them questions right from their program contents (as Kambiz was referring to it) and it required some research. I have not missed any of their program since the beginning. Some of their news are correct and nobody denies them; but the majority of them are just untrue and shameful (which allows them to keep working for US govt). It was more valid to question the contents not the source of their funding (and in my mind it does not really matter. Other green movement leaders were being supported by west and if you are following the news after Mrs. Clinton's interview many of them are justifying it with any means). Finally, you were right that US does not tell them what to do and what not to do, because they are doing exactly what US (and Mr. Asgard) wants.

Anonymous said...

On the program, you seemed to take issue with Saman Arbabi's contention that the Shah's regime, although authoritarian and guilty of human rights abuses, was far less brutal than the IRI. (I believe you said it was "literally not true" -- or something to that effect). Are you aware that the number of people executed by the IRI in its 32 years is exponentially greater than the number executed by Moh'd Reza Pahlavi's regime during his 38-year reign? Are you also aware that the anti-Shah opposition (Tudeh, Mojahedin, Fadaiyan, Jebheh Melli, etc) has been either killed off, imprisoned, driven out of the country or cowed into silence by the IRI in a way that is incomparably more deadly and repressive than what the same opposition previously faced? The IRI has managed to kill off or repress all organized opposition essentially out of existence.

Houshang Moradi said...

you are a typical "oohhh all imperialism"
shit idiot. Get the fuck out of America if it is so bad you hypocritical jerk. You are a disgrace for us Iranians. Your sophistry in that show was sickening. You assumption that all things that the US government does is a priori problematic INDEPENDENT of the content of the show is stupid and despicable. You filthy jerk. Get the fuck out of the imperialist state you pay taxes to if it is that bad you shithead! This is a show about Iran. That is what it talks about. Just because you have constant inferiority complexes about America and the West and have a constant itch that can only be satisfied if America is lambasted every once in a while EVERYWHERE no matter what the subject matter doesn't mean others should comply. ... oh, and torture in Iran is now better than before the revolution? You bought out propaganda pimp of the our torturers. Shit head! and if the US is Iran's "historical enemy" what the FUCK are you doing living there motherfucker?

Nima Shirazi said...

Well argued, Houshang. Your eloquent words prove you must be a pillar of rational thought in your community. Keep up the good work.

. said...

ای کاش در زمینه ی درج کامنتا انخابی عمل نمیکردید . من به شخصه از کسایی بودم که کامنتی در موافقت با شما گذاشته بودم و نمونه های منطقی و عاری از توهین هم زیاد دیدم ...نکته ی دیگه ای هم که باید بهش توجه بشه همون کمبود رسانه ی آزاد و بحث و نقد دوطرفه و منطقی در ایرانه که مردمو به افراط و مطلق نگری کشونده و به جای تحقیر باید به دنبال راه چاره بود که برنامه هایی شبیه به آنچه که پخش شد از نمونه های خوبشه . در نهایت باز هم از تحلیل جالبتون تشکر میکنم.‏

Anonymous said...

Nima, you did a great job. They claim to be independent, yet they have never dared to criticize any US policy, because they know they will be fired. I wish you had asked them directly about the court case that was brought against Saman Arbabi's ex-wife, Melody Navab-Safavi, who was fired from VOA due to creating a music video for the band Abjeez called "Democracy", criticizing the Iraq War which Saman himself directed. Melody was forced to resign, and Saman was asked to leave also, but for whatever reason he is still employed by VOA, yet divorced from Melody.

Soheil said...

i'll have to agree with the "anonymous" comment at the top that you should have attacked their content and not their source. i believe their content is great and put a great humour in a sad truth of reality in Iran.

you kept mentioning that the US Government is funding their program, but to them it's merely a source of income to do what they love. I agree that it's ironic and may take away it's credibility but do you honestly expect two guys to reach that many people in Iran on their own without any initial capital or investment? if they didn't have VOA support they would turn out to be one of those cheesy LA Satelite shows that tries to sell stuff on it to pay for the show. I'm sure if any investor offered to provide all the facilities for them and air the show they would be glad to do it but VOA pays their bills so i don't agree with your argument that it takes away from their credibility specially since all their content that i've see have been the truth and no propaganda.


AmirZ said...

You were trying so hard to keep a debate going with only one sentence about them being paid by the U.S. government. You should have watched their show and at least picked a few examples to prove your point. It seemed like you just wanted to get popular by getting on that interview. You were successful and I'm sure many people like myself who did not know you will google you and will have a glance at your blog. But overall, you did a terrible job in the debate.

AmirZ said...

I also want to add that the reason you see those terrible comments in Parazit's facebook page is that anyone can post anything. I was actually interested in reading your blog & getting involved in the discussions, but this "blog owner approval" requirement on your blog has made me think twice. So you get to say whatever you want, and you pick and choose what comments to post and what to censor?! Weren't you against censorship?! I hope this one makes it to the comments & I hope you remove this stupid option from your blog.

Frances said...

I'm genuinely not trying to be racist (but feel free to call me out if I am), but Iranian-American monarchists are some of the strangest people I've ever met. Even the young ones are politically stuck in the 70s and feel really hard done by, and are very contemptuous of religious Muslim Iranians.

Am I imagining this? Again, please call me out if I am.

In any case, Nima, your appearance on that show was a case of casting pearls before swine if I ever saw one. Pro-Iranian (PEOPLE!!OMG!!111) and work for VoA? Waah-waah-waah.

Anonymous said...

Nima I wonder if you are a useful idiot as Lenin put it or you get paid like Trita Parsi to be a mouth piece of Islamic regime, your arrogance might have exposed you to 70 million Iranians who really want to know whether you are working with the mullahs or just sitting in US thinking US government is a bad bad bad thing, If you really don't like US you are welcome to get the hell out and join your herd in IRGC and Mollacracy which will end soon. Shame on you, instead of making people of Iran heard you rather be a mullah's mouth piece.

Nima Shirazi said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the comments here regarding not focusing enough on the actual content of Parazit. I wish that had been discussed more (at all?) on The Stream. It's difficult on a show like that (and the time goes so quickly on air) to get a word in edgewise. It's much easier for the guys in the studio to pontificate without getting cut off or spoken over, but all in all, that's no excuse. The conversation would have benefitted from more substance (though, I must say, the VOA-funding is extremely important, despite Parazit's effort to dismiss it).

I actually had a bunch of questions to ask those guys (i.e. Do they consider the MEK a terrorist group and do they think the US should delist them? What about Jundullah, the leader of which - Abdul Malek Rigi - was interviewed on VOA in 2007 and introduced as the head of "leading Iranian opposition group"? Do they support US-backed regime change in Iran? Do they approve of the assassinations of Iranian scientists? Do they support sanctions? etc, etc, etc...) but the conversation wound up being pretty focused on the VOA stuff, so I didn't stray. I suppose I should have. But hey, it was what it was.

I must say, in certain cases, Saman and Kambiz's own words were far more damning and revealing than anything I could have asked them about, notably Saman's praising the "freedom" in Iran under the Shah and claiming that people would "do what they wanted" without being hassled. The fact that no one could trust their own friends or family because SAVAK informants were literally everywhere, poverty was rampant and the wealth gap between the oligarchy and the masses was severe, protests were met with tanks and soldiers (and, on occasion, paratroopers and the airforce) ordered to open on the crowd, and the sporadic implementation of martial law pales in comparison with being able to go get a drink at a Shemiran disco.

What I found most striking was their ignorance and disinterest in the history of Iranian-American relations - the ol' "hey, I wasn't born yet, so I don't really know about that stuff" line is lame.

I was also curious as to where Kambiz and Saman get their information from since most everything I've heard them say is taken right out of the State Department playbook (Iran supports "international terrorism!" - asking them what they really know about Khobar Towers and whether they support Palestinian resistance to occupation and apartheid would have also been fun). Kambiz proudly spoke of having his "ear to the ground" in Iran but also said that all media there is state propaganda, so where is he getting his news? Yes, obviously from "the people" (whatever that means), but what is their method of vetting what they're told before they present stories on their show. VOA claims to have a "two source" corroboration policy, so how does Parazit deal with that? Just wondering.

As for AmirZ's comment about "censorship" on my blog - I don't censor comments. I have that "approval" set up to avoid getting spam comments and to guard against any racist or seriously offensive content. Other than that, everything goes up.

To all the "America, love it or leave it" folks posting here: wow, pathetic. Do you think Iranians in Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Rasht, Qom, Esfahan, and everywhere else who are appalled by their own government's policies should pack up and leave instead of staying in their own country and working to expose injustice?

I also find it hilarious when I'm accused of being "paid by the Mullahs" for questioning the integrity and impartiality of people who are LITERALLY PAID BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. The irony is astounding.

Sally said...

Dear Nima,
I wasn't familiar with your blog or your person before the debate on Al Jazeera (if you could really call it a debate), but I should say I'm very sorry for what people got to say under the video posted on Parazit's facebook page. The one reason I can point to which justifies this sort of behaviour is what Ebrahim Nabavi refered to as a trait in us Iranian, that we are law-breakers by instinct. In another earlier piece Nabavi had said that "they are dictators because we want them to be, and we are revolutionaries because they want us to be so" (my translation).
Having said this, I think the butt of the criticism you made of the show is a valid one. But you are not supposed to anticipate sympathy and agreement from the so called 'fans' of Parazit. I have often thought of sending messages to Kambiz throwing light on deeply rooted and problematic issues of the political strategies of the Islamic Republic. But then I always reconsidered, thinking the people who watch this are not interested in politico-philosophical discussions of the issues. They just watch the show to have fun. And as you must have noticed, the things Kambiz pokes fun at are never analyzed in detail or the logic behind them is never shown. They are just there to make fun of the guy who trips and falls, or the one forgets to flush after getting out of the bathroom, or the one whose turban tilts on his head!
However, while the content and the underlying long-term strategies of the show and its affiliation with the US policy makers can be criticized, there is still a silver lining to the story, and that is that the rhetoric used in referring to top officials of the government of Iran gives courage to the very religious people in Iran to use them as well. Putting up a cartoon of Khamenei with a golden crown on his head does deconstruct the picture that some Iranians might still have of him.
All the best,

. said...

you didn't publish my comment and you say you just check and remove spams?
mine was not spam , I just thought you can read Persian and if you cant it is not a good reason for not publishing a comment.

Nima Shirazi said...

gv -

Your comment is up.

I've never set up strict guidelines for the comment section here, and don't intend to unless I have to, but generally I would prefer it be in English, only so that readers of the blog (which is written in English) can be involved in the discussion rather than feel alienated.

In contrast, it makes perfect sense for the Parazit Facebook page to be bilingual, since the show is in Farsi but they also post in English as well.

Hooman said...

What is appalling is you compare American government to Iranian government, that is why I call you a useful idiot, look at the people who promote you on your blog, Hooman Majd , being a mouth piece of mullahs and NIAC member , Dr. Norman Finkelstein, who is a Hezbullah supporter and mouth piece of Hamas, Rostam Pourzal from CASMII ..LOL that one is known by mullahs as an ass kisser. So please stop acting all intelectual for me, you are an Ann telectual like your Boss Ahmadinejad. Freedom that you have in America,nobody has, comparing US government to Iran government is such a shallow baseless argument that even makes a cooked chicken laugh.

and Please shave that beard gives you up, you might learn from some people in Washington to keep their cover while lobbying for Mullacracy. If you were not a Islamo Fascist scum those Pakis in Aljazeera would not have called you to come in and bark at the wrong tree. Good luck Mr. Ann telectual. by the way Press TV needs you if you find your self unemployed.

Nima Shirazi said...

Goatee and chin-strap = Mullahbbyist/Islamo-Facist. Got it.

By the way, your "Pakis in Aljazeera" line is revealing. Gross.

I'm sure I'll hear more from you Yakov Smirnoffs out there, but wow are your comments boring and stupid.

BabaK said...

Unfortunately they always criticize Iran, and not both sides. The government of Islamic Republic does worse things to people, and on the other side U.S. gov put sanctions on Iran which hurts people the most.
if Kambiz and sohrab want to criticize one side, they must not forget the other side too. I am glad that watching their program made me curious to see how you are and what are you thinking about the current events.

shabnam said...

Did you state something special? Say something!!! I got bored...

Hooman said...

Hey Nima as usual I'm very proud of you, you represent was is so great about the best of America and Iran. I see you as a truth teller, and as such, unfortunately there are people who will attack you in the most terrible way possible, whether they are brainwashed Iranians, Americans or whatever. But I also believe they are some who make comments in Iranian websites or forums that even though they pretend they are Iranians, they are actually not Iranians. They are Israelis, that try to steer the conversation and effect the though process on Iran, with there real hope and goal being an attack on Iran. The more dead Iranians the better for them. Such as the guy name houshang above, who cursed and cursed at you and you showed incredible class by taking the high road, ( something that unfortunately I wouldn't been able to do) although I want nothing but peace in the world I would easily put my hands around the neck of evil people like houshang that pray to Satan for death and mayhem for people of middle east. Nima, unlike you, I think the Iranian government is too kind to people who riot on the order of their masters in the west and Israel and set fire to cars, businesses, homes, fire at police officers, take over police stations, military baracks destroy peace and tranquilit. You know how these rioters are treated in the west, so I want Iran, to at least treat them the same way. Because If it was I who was in charge in Iran they would have far, far worse treatments, then the gentel glove Iranian government is treating them with. I would bring out the industrial meat grinders. Why is it that people in the west who commit treason get the harshest possible treatment, but people somehow expect Iran to show these monsters mercy, after mercy, after mercy, no, iran shouldn't.
I want democracy for Iran just like anyone else, but the nation is under a threat of nuclear annialition, this is not a joke, everyone should speak with one voice, to prevent this holocaust from happening. Those that blame Iran for everything, can they take a second and see the wests belligerence?

Hooman said...

Aren't you ashamed of your positions that you make regarding the VOA, VOA has done a terrible job so far, the only watchable program on it is Parazit, now somebody like you who is a mouth piece of Hezbullah and Hamas just like your teacher Dr. Frankenstein , and the rest of the clones like Hamid Dabashi or Hooman Majd are claiming to be the voice of the truth? where do you expect Parazit get their budget from? Hezbullah ?!! Or your employers? I read few of your articles, you might be able to feed your nonsense to some uninformed Americans who have no idea what is going on in their country but you can not fool Iranians. Just go to the Parazit facebook page and look what people wrote about you, these are Iranians who you useful idiot forgotten. the age of cheating and lying is over, we are watching you, by the way your beard is not goatee, it is a fucking Taliban beard. Go and shave it and learn to become human and stop defending terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbullah. If you love them so much you can go to North Korea and enjoy the full privileges of useful idiots. If you wanna be a next George galloway , please feel free to submit your application to press TV, because not even Qatar Amir is gonna hire a useless idiot like you.

While the Hezbullah goons are killing Iranian youth in the streets of Tehran, you feel free to defend Hamas and Hezbullah. The time of the thugocracy of mullahs is coming to an end. while you praise a dictator or being apologetic about their nuclear program you might get a dime of the blood of poor and miserable people of Iran, who have nothing left to lose. There has been thousands of traitors in Iran's history and you will be one of them, Good luck with your life , I do not have extra time spending on worthless people like you.

Anonymous said...

you are point make sense to me.They made us to choose between US policy against Iran and Islamic republic.I think both are abuser.I think you are smart.I wish they let you to finish your talk

santa is coming said...

Who the f%@k were those 2 clowns on aljezeera? If those 2 stupid sellout didn't spew their propaganda on VOA , they would be flipping hamburger at my local greasy grill joint. Seriously are they the best VOA can come up with? They really don't know how stupid they are. They remind me of how sometimes you see the most stupidest, god aweful clowns on American idols. They are dumb and dumber. So what's up with dumber one the one with retarded outfit and a nose ring? Is that an attempt at looking cool? Seriouly he missed. I'm sure his parents are digging a hole to hide in out of shame.

Shame, shame, shame.

Anonymous said...

Great job nima
As usual you wiped the floor with those guys. You made great points even though they kept cutting you off. Way to go dude.

Norman F said...

Santa is right. Nima you're way cool bro. Keep at it man.
Hey Santa can I get some serious cash and a ferrari in my stocking this year. And please do the same for my bro, Nima .

Nima Shirazi said...


I have disabled the "approval" mechanism for the comments section for the time-being (comments on posts older than two weeks will still need approval to guard against spam), so we'll see how that goes.

Again, any racist or seriously offensive content will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately. If this happens a lot, the "approval" mechanism will be reinstated.

Ad hominem attacks are super boring and pathetic, so if that's what you're all about, save it. That seems to be what the Parazit Facebook page is for anyway.

Also, I really encourage anyone commenting to avoid doing it anonymously. Even a pseudonym helps keep track of who's saying what so that it doesn't all become a jumble.

Beyond that, comment away!

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Nima Shirazi did a great job against these two clowns. However I feel like he could have said a few things better. The fact that these two have this show on VOA might not mean that the US government gives them a script and tells them what to cover and say, but this is solely due to the fact that their opinions and what they choose to cover align completely with US policy and what their bosses at VOA want.

For example, if I (hypothetically) supported everything about the Iranian government's policy towards the US or Israel and I were to ONLY cover this issue (regardless of my opinions on the Iranian government as a whole or their domestic actions) I would for sure be given a show on IRIB. I wouldn't require a script or anything, since my beliefs would already be diehard for the Islamic Republic's foreign policy.

This same thing applies to Parazit, these two are DIEHARD (almost to an irrational extent) opponents of the Iranian government and frankly many aspects of Iran's (irrespective of its government) national interests. Since, as they themselves say, have a show that covers ONLY issues regarding the Iranian governments actions, they have absolutely no problem in saying WHATEVER they want. They are probably more opposed to the Iranian government than many in the Obama administration. I can guarantee you that if they were to step out of this sphere of covering only actions of the Iranian government and criticizing only the Islamic Republic, and for example, criticized Israeli assassinations of Iranian scientists or American support of terrorist groups like Jundullah, PJAK, MEK, or Monarchists I guarantee you they would be thrown off VOA TOMORROW!

If they seriously want to prove that being funded by the US government doesn't affect their credibility or objectivity and that they only care about the Iranian governments violation of human rights, they should do an episode attacking US sanctions against airplane parts that have led to the deaths of so many innocent Iranian civilians!

masood said...

Hi Nima
I heard those 2 guys had so much praise for shah , I wish they would came over and asked me for pictures of family members and neighbors(extended family I mean, like cousins and uncle) that got tortured and killed by savak, I got pictures, stories, and accounts of several people on what shahs secret police did to people just for showing up at small demonstration. These guys either prefer to live in a la-la land or purposely trying to spread propgenda. sure there was freedom under the shah , if you consider going to bars, whore houses, opium houses, casinos as freedom, but even in that case you had to be in upper class , or in- crowd. Like in shahs circle of people, everyone else was just a pee-on just to be stepped on. Everyone else had to watch their back, take the shit and stay quiet and stay out of sight. If a neighbor didn't like you and turned you in to savak, eventually when you did leave custody of savak, (if ever) you would have left without fingernails or toenails, in most extreme pain.
So don't let these guys lie to you, just go to iran and ask any random family about the horrors of savak, you can see and hear for yourself.
The current Iranian government is not a saint, but they are thousands of times better then what shah did.
People like to rewrite history to suit their own bullshit. I'm not saying you should believe me either. , I'm saying go see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

به نظر من کار شما در مناظره خیلی خیلی خوب بود | البته گاهی اوقات سوالات به جای مجری هم کمک خوبی به پیشبرد بخث می‌کرد | البته شاید بهتر بود به یک محور دیگه به جز پول گرفتن از امریکا هم اشاره می‌کردید | مثلاً ابتذال و تمسخر فرهنگ ایرانی/اسلامی در پارازیت و طنزهای سخیف در مورد شخصیت‌های سیاسی و اجتماعی و ...

santa is coming said...

Speak English so everyone can understand.

Elf said...

Or write in English, otherwise Santa is going to skip your house this year

Anonymous said...

No Gaza , No Lebanon , My life goes for Iran. Death to the Dictator and his supporters.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is you compared Iranian state TV sponsorship that does not honor Free Speech to the VOA which is broadcasting for Iranians and they love it.and VOA honor Free Speech. and you know why you get all those curses on Parazit facebook page? because those are Iranian people responding to your irrational mind, and that makes you upset?! LOL ...

I find it amusing that such small mind like yours compares two entities that are not comparable but contrast-able. it is like comparing Japan with North Korea, people who watch Parazit can not even have satellite dishes on their roof because IRGC goons and Basijis are attacking their homes and removing it. how do you call yourself an Staunch humanist? LOL.....LOL

I guess using obnoxious words is the way you describe yourself of having a self important views of yourself.If VOA is a mouth piece of US government then what is Al Jazeera? voice of reason ? LOL...LOL

Do you think it is ok to have a privileges of Freedom of speech in your own country and that makes you important if you attack a channel that sends unbiased news to Iranian people? because they do not even have a Freedom to express themselves or wear whatever they wanna wear and etc. For your information Press TV is based in London and even Supreme leader of Iran has offices in London. Iranian regime sponsored TVs even are present at America, but name one American TV that is present in Iran and has active offices, the answer would be none. that shows how much tolerance each government has. I think your intention of being an unbiased viewer is challenged and you are exposed to many Iranians who are tired of theocratic regime of Tehran. that is why you get all those classic responses and I think you deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Nima jan, your motives are being questioned because you were not persuasive in the least in your attempt to further your assertion.

If you have qualms about Parazit, then quote them based on their coverage! If they are biased and one sided, prove it. If they are lying, prove it.

I could do something very similar by just watching a few minutes of IRI television or listening to speeches of Khamenei or Ahmadinejad.

They lie so abundantly and they are so lopsided that little work is necessary.

Whenever anyone stands against an oppressive regime, you'll find me standing next to them. The current Iranian regime is one of the worst governments currently still in power today.

That is a fact borne out by a cursory look at their handling of the economy (which they have destroyed with corruption, mismanagement, fraud, inflation, etc.), crime, human rights, religious freedom, treatment of women, promoting terrorism by sponsoring Hizbollah, etc.

You were flailing about repeating yourself and getting more and more flustered like a grade 11 debate novice.

Better luck next time. Here's a hint for the next time: try to side with freedom, justice and democracy.

Human history has shown that it eventually wins out and all who were aligned against it will be swept aside.


Anonymous said...

If you were present on BBC world and criticizing VOA that could be considered valid, but being in a Sheikh TV (Al Jazeera)and criticizing VOA sounds like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad praying for the arrival of 12th Imam in UN , Have you noticed those empty seats? LOL.. All AL Jazeera does is criticizing west while it can not even say a word about any of the Sheikhs who are ruling Arab (Persian gulf) countries.

"Last time I checked, Qatar wasn't funding American opposition groups, promoting regime change or imposing decades of sanctions on the United States. Also, Qatari government officials don't get millions of lobbying dollars from a cult deemed a "terrorist organization" by Qatar promoting regime change in America. (I am in no way associating Parazit with the MEK, just providing some context.)"

LOL... you are again biased, VOA does not fund opposition groups VOA is broadcasting Impartial news that is coming from inside Iran and reflecting it inside again. Actually recently Iranian opposition groups accused VOA of siding with mullahs, while Neda's death video was broadcasting from CNN VOA Persian held that video and broad casted it three days after Neda's death. which raised many concerns among Iranian oppositions. Till today VOA is being accused of being so soft, siding with Islamists, inviting reformists more than other oppositions inside to interview.

Qatar or any state does not need to promote American oppositions , because there is something in America that is called Freedom of speech in case you haven't noticed, you can even burn American flag, all the opposition groups are stationed inside America and they are free to say whatever they please, I don't get it when your argument is so baseless. If Iranian regime would allow the opposition to voice their concern there was no need for VOA, even if VOA was there nobody would watch it. If US government by any way funding or supporting MEK, it is a grave mistake, because inside Iran MEK is a dead organization, there is no way MEK would gain a position as an opposition group in Iran. Now Last time I checked MEK has been positioned in the terrorist black list by US government while EU is supporting them.

Again you are mistaken by the comparison game, you can not compare a Secular Democracy with a Thugocracy of rape and murder and Torture.

Parazit has more than 750,000 online fans, Majority of Iranians love that show, I think Iranian people are not stupid to watch a propaganda and like it in the same time.

I think you know well that US government is not perfect, VOA management is not Perfect but so far Parazit has been a successful unbiased show. I think you are pained by it because they do not address your left wing propaganda and they should not, you can always go to channels like BBC or Al Jajeera and spread your ideas there, so far it seems Al Jazeera and Fars News have your Skype ID and Tel No. Congratulations.


sasss31 said...

Your problem is that you equate the U.S. and the Islamic Republic on equal terms in relations to morality, rights, and obligations. Believe it or not, in the U.S. we have a free media that is not controlled by the government. In fact, our media is VERY critical of our leaders. In Iran, all you have is "state-sponsored terrorist IRI" television. The U.S. funds VOA so that Iranians can receive alternative news and viewpoints on their television sets. In fact, VOA does something unique that the IRI does not do: allow freedom and creativity in the contents of the news programs and television shows that are aired. In fact, the VOA right now most probably has anti-American as its new director and has in fact fired most of those speaking against the regime, most notably Sazegara and even former CNN reporter Rudy Bachtiar!

Let's see ANYTHING critical ever spoken on the regime on anything run by Islamic Republic state terror TV. As Iranians, we should be applauding Kambiz and Saman for their hard work, not looking for every excuse to bash America and the west. We should be pushing for regime change, not providing every excuse in the book for the Islamic Republic.

yusuf abul jabar la obama said...

I want to go on VOA and say nothing but good things about Iranian government. You think VOA will hire me. I promise I will write my own stuff too.

ricky rick said...

Hey yusuf, can be your sidekick, like that saman guy.

Rameen said...

Man you better get a life, how did u make money by the way?are you working? who pay you?

BTW, you said somewhere we can't ask people leave their home because they think different, you are right, it is completely true, question is you are American? or Iranian? what are you? are you playing with words, you are Iranian when you want and American when it is more beneficial, pick your nationality. if you think you are American then leave the Iranian show to Iranian people, and if you are Iranian then what the heck are you are doing in a country that you hate that much let's say their policy. come back to your motherland and praise (or criticize) your favorite government in Iran. see this is hypocrisy.

2. You are comparing Shah with Current government, and saying that poverty, discrimination, censorship , torturing the prisoners and ... were much more than now. let's hear from some people who really leave that time, like Bakery's sister who lost four brothers ( two in Shah regime and two at the war between Iran and Iraq), Sheikh Karoubi,like other politicians who were in jail at both regime, like my father who was in jail back at Shah regime for two years. they all believe that Shah was an angel in comparing with this regime.

3. I don't know what you are looking to get from this: being famous have more hit on your blog, or Saying to Mullahs hey I am available, or just an average Joe who like to criticize everything doesn't matter really what other people saying it is wrong, whatever I am saying is right, and sometimes you trap in your circle too. but Dude whatever you are doing you humiliate yourself by giving the wrong address, Iranian regime is much more notorious than what you think whether inside or outside of Iran. they torture, kill, terrorize, keep prisoners relatives as hostage and recently ask for ransom to release american hikers they way passed the minimum level of a dignity that a human can have. so you better look for new job. sometimes money is not just everything.

Fidel Castro said...

I usually sit here read and never make a comment on these websites because who really cares about the comment section right? I don't. but the more I read the comment section and see the idiots israeli hasbara agents or IOF mercenary/thugs/occupation soldiers that pretend they are Iranians and come on this blog to viciously attack Nima, I have to say something. Especially the mother f@&kers houshang or the guy who mentioned Lenin ( Jewish) or Rameen or sasss31 or etc. Listen you F' ers sitting in tel aviv or some settlement in Palestine mistreating the poor Palestinians and at the same time pretending to be Iranians trying to brainwash the real Iranians just doesn't work anymore. you guys had a lot of luck before, but things are rapidly changing not in your favor,
if I was you guys, I would listen to Gilad Atzmon and start to beg for forgiveness from the Palestinian people before it's too late. Things are not looking good for you parasites.

Roqayah said...

You were brilliant on the Stream. I commend you for your honorable work.

Rameen said...

Fidel, you are officially expired, go and find Raoul.

sasss31 said...

^LMFAO, we must now be Jews? LOL. In fact, I have a great respect for the Jewish culture as it has produced such great minds and scientists such as Albert Einstein and 10-20% of Israelis are estimated to be atheist Jews. In addition, we have historical ties to them dating back to Cyrus The Great. Saying this, I was "born" Muslim and I am a kafar - YUP! Like more and more Iranians these days. A rationalist and someone who values reason and science rather than backwards religion, especially Islam. In addition, I find it simultaneously funny and sad that your kind has to always resort to the anti-Semitic card in calling whom you perceive as a threat to the regime as a "Jew" or "Zionist". It is quite very, very low of your type and we Iranians don't really care for the Palestinian-Israeli issue as it is not an Iranian issue and in addition, we don't support terrorist organizations in Hamas and Hizbollah which your kind seems to support. What holds Islamic nations back is this self-defeating anti-Semitic attitude in that instead of looking inward and realizing that the problems of the culture are not some imagined outside problem but rather inside the Islamic culture itself. Until Islamic people realize this, Islam will forever remain a retarding force upon its people.

The only thing good that has come out of this regime is something that the Iranian people would have not been able to realize under the Shah: the true evils of Islamic rule. Islam as an influence in politics and life truly has no role in a future democratic Iran - and I believe when I am older, Islam will cease to even be self-identified by the majority of the populace. This older generation just needs to pass on and it will all be finished.

Rameen said...

OH Great Nima, your Arab friends already start praising you like "Roqayah". I told you mind your own people, we,Iranians, currently have more serious local issues at home, as all Iranian patriots call on streets full of bloodshed in Iran:

No Gaza, No Lebanon, I will give my life for IRAN. or in my beautiful farsi language:

نه غزه نه لبنان جانم فدای ایران

Amoo joon said...

Way to go Fidel , man I agree with you. As you said;

Listen you F' ers sitting in tel aviv or some settlement in Palestine mistreating the poor Palestinians and at the same time pretending to be Iranians trying to brainwash the real Iranians just doesn't work anymore.(Yes some of you traitor 5th column are from Iran, now as so typical of your people, have moved to Israel and from there you curse your follow Iranians, )
you guys had a lot of luck before, but things are rapidly changing not in your favor,

Listen to Gilad Atzmon, before the tide turn against you. I say this as a friend. I refuse to let you people drive drunk, it's not good for you,

Nima Shirazi said...

I see this thread quickly devolving from its already inane profanity and boring ad hominem into even more sinister racism, tribalism, nationalism, nativism, and ethno-cultural supremacism.

This will not be allowed.

If I see anymore of this here, I will not only reinstate the "approval" mechanism and refuse to post anything of that sort, but I may also just close this post to comments altogether. (And yes, if you all take your racism garbage to other posts on my site, I'll close those too. Oh, and if you think that's "censorship," you don't know what that word means.)

I clearly don't care about the attacks on me that have been so plentiful here already - they're sophomoric, tedious, and reflect terribly on the people posting them. This isn't about those comments.

Please, everyone, let's get substantive - and fast - or else there's really no point. If you feel such a desperate need to be racist, ignorant, unsophistocated and offensive, I know the Parazit Facebook page is a swell place to be.

Go post there.

amoo joon said...

Hey Nima, this is amoo joon , I'm very sorry if I might have offended you. I just feel its really unfair of these people who attack you , while they're lying about who they really are. If they were a man they would not hide behind a keyboard, they would come out and identify their real agenda like a real man. Just tell us that you're an Israeli or their sayar( helper). And then maybe we can have a polite conversation, but no as its so typical of their workings, they prefer to lie and cheat and create mayhem. I'm ready to defend my position of support for iran And Palestinians if they come out and debate me. Thank you

sasss31 said...

lol Nima, the only people being racist are your fanboys. In fact, we were all under a big fat blanket called "Zionist Jews". lmfao.

Nima Shirazi said...

I hardly consider "Rameen" a fanboy.

Comments like "...your Arab friends..." and "...mind your own people..." are appalling.

Similarly, any comments that include lame web abbreviations like "lol" and "lmfao" will also not be tolerated.

sasss31 said...

I think that there is no doubt that you have been exhibiting narcissistic tendencies.

Moving, it is okay for this "fidel" moniker to make a blanket statement in calling us "Zionist Jews" and in addition calling us "fake Iranians"? So, it's okay for bigoted comments to be directed towards us in questioning our Iranian identity along with making blatant anti-Semitic statements? It only becomes a problem when you sense that somehow the "Islamicist culture" is being attacked?

The hypocrisy on your character is quite deafening..

Nima Shirazi said...

My comment was directed to everyone on this thread, Fidel, Rameen, and you included.

"Islamicist culture"? Honestly, sasss31, do you have anything interesting to say or is it all this trolling nonsense?

Actually, don't answer that, this is all way too stupid.

Laura said...

After watching the program I got very interested and started to follow the "debate" even if reading all the comments here is quite exhausting (I don't even want to check the Facebook page a lot of people mention here). So much time is missed in extreme points, insults and ideas that change the subject!

I was sorry you didn't have much time or opportunity to go further in your ideas, since it all ended up being a ping pong game about the funding. To be honest, their screaming and their verbal kicking, as well as the comments from their fans said more than enough. I am no expert in Iran, so, as an outsider, I thought you didn't have to say much more to demonstrate who's who and who's with whom.

I agree with other commentators saying you should have spoken more about the content. But the thing is, how? At what point? They didn't allow it. The point about the funding was never properly answered, and all the screaming kept things blocked.

The level of debate was kept very low (specially by them, I'm afraid)... And if I may say so, they were annoying to listen to. I felt I was watching a couple of teenagers being told their favorite video game/artist/movie is not good.

Keep trying to push the debate to a higher level. I liked your way of speaking. I'm sorry to see you get exasperated with some of the commets here.

A good day to you.

mattie habibian said...

i just watched Aljazira's program stream which you were in and the hosts that were kambiz and saman , i should tell you that i see your argument but the logic behind it falls flat , i really do not understand some points you made like the US government is the same government that sanctioned iran in this 30 years and put pressure in iran , i didnt understand it because by saying this things you literally mean that US shouldn't have sanctioned iran and shouldn't have put pressure on its government and if not , can you say some ways that US and the world could stop the iran regime doing the brutal things its doing ? if sanctions are not good , then what is ? invasion ? what way do YOU offer to stop the brutal islamic republic ? and the next thing about your argument was that you kept telling kambiz and saman that they are funded by the US government and they are propaganda first off they are not propaganda coz in none of their shows as far as i watched ( which i know you hadn't watched ) they do not support any of u.s policies. even though they are on US government payroll their brand of comedy is not marketable yet ! you cant sell ads on parazit ! plus you say anyone that accepts US money accepts US policies ? No ! cause half of the nations on this planet do to include pakistan and north korea , the UN and a huge amount of charities !!!! so thats it there your argue can jump it just cant land .

Rameen said...

Sorry to hurt your feeling dude, you look pretty outstanding on Aljazeera!!!, but you felt embarrassed after i said that "your Arab friends", i didn't know that you feel bad about that, but anyway i do have friends with different background and nationality, but never felt bad being friend with them.

Anyway as long as we are on Aljazeera subject, it is not bad to watch this video:


Arman Taghvaei said...

Hi dear Nima, I hope u read my comment and can send back some answers to me, I am not one of your usual guests in here, I comed in here trow severeal links that the first of them was from Parazit, I am a fan of the show and everything that you said in the show is truth but one question remainds, does we have anything else like that right now?if they quit, who will talk on behalf of us, iranian? shahram homayoun or other LA channels? I'm not trying to put someone in bad spot. dear Nima, do you really belive that we iranian are som smart and political aware of the situasjon that we understand the difference between right and wrong?70 millions peoples are desprate, desprate of haveing the freedom that was either taken from them or that they gaved away by their own hand, they want it back and it doesn't matter how as long as they gets it back, the goal justifices otheres thing, Excuse my english, it is my third language and I'm not very good at it either :)

Nima Shirazi said...

Yup, Rameen, you nailed it. It's because of my embarrassment that I think you're an ignorant bigot.

I've already watched the Al Jazeera documentary "Letters from Iran" but thanks for link anyway.

Payman said...

Nima, my friend. You're way too smart to answers back some of these really creepy weird people here in the comment section. Just let them say whatever they want. Do what you're great at , teaching people who have an open mind and want to learn on your blog

Anonymous said...

بنا به نظریه شما هر کس که پولش از جایی می آید بی طرف نیست... نتیجه تلویزیون ایران بی طرف نیست پس هر خبر در مورد آمریکا می دهد دروغ است. دو در انتخاب ایران تقلب شده است چون تلویزیون ایران بیان کرده که نشده و تلویزیون ایران پولش ازطرف دولت ایران پس در نتیجه تلویزیون ایران داره دروغ میگه... یکی از نمونه های جالبش این موضوع که تمام خبر گذاری های ایرانی این موضوع رو در مورد کانال بی بی سی و صدای آمریکا می گند ولی پول خودشان منابعش از سپاه و دولت و ... پس در نتیجه بر ضد منافع خودشون حرف نمی زنند. پس دروغ می گند. معلوم نیست اگه اون ها میگن این ها دروغ می گند و در عین حال خودشون هم دروغ گو هستند پس معلوم نیست کدام خبر راست است... یک موضوع دیگه خود شما پولتون رو از دولتی نمی گیرید به گفته خودتون ولی منافع شخصیتون هم در خبر هاتون میگید...برداشتی که من کردم شما طرفدار آقای احمدی نژاد هستید و منتقد آمریکا و هر جا به نفع خودتون باشه بی طرف نیستید و دارید منافع تفکرات خودتون رو تبلیغ می کنید... جناب نیما معیار وابسته گی و غیر وابستگی و بی طرفی رو اگه به منابعش نگاه کنیم هیچکس بی طرف نیست... حتی شما... معیار احمقانه ای انتخاب کرده اید... شما نه برنامه پارازیت بلکه منبع مالیش رو نقد کردید... می شد به خود برنامه رجوع کنید... و از برنامه ایراد بگیرید ولی ترجیح دادید با برچسب زدن بر روی برنامه بحث رو به جایی بکشونید که اصلا قابل بحث نباشه... در آخر قابوس به پسرش در قابوس نامه میگه اگر سوالی ازت کردن و نمی دونستی جوابش رو بندازش بعد و همین طور ادامه میده تا آخر و میگه اگر دیدی خیلی اسرار میکنه و ول کن نیست به او انگ کافر بودن بزن تا دیگر حرفی نزند...

sammy said...

You know that the world has gone to a hand basket, when wrong is right and right is wrong. I guess the normal now in this crazy world is that once someone is out of his country he must do everything he can to betray his homeland and his fellow countrymen. Some people say he dude, why not reach back and help your people, by helping to care for the poor, the sick or the downtrodden, by making a school, a clinic, a hospital, no, no we must betray instead. It's a shame for those 2 clowns on parzit to be doing what they are doing.

sasss31 said...

"You know that the world has gone to a hand basket, when wrong is right and right is wrong. I guess the normal now in this crazy world is that once someone is out of his country he must do everything he can to betray his homeland and his fellow countrymen. Some people say he dude, why not reach back and help your people, by helping to care for the poor, the sick or the downtrodden, by making a school, a clinic, a hospital, no, no we must betray instead."

@Sammy: reading your initial post, I was in complete agreement with you. After-all, how could someone turn their back on their homeland and their people when their people are being terrorized under the most brutal of manners and having one's nation pillaged? How could someone attack the freedoms and core values we have afforded to us here in the west (whether the United States or Europe) and justify the actions of such a brutal regime at every opportunity rather than siding with the Iranian people who continue to shed their blood for freedom, secular democracy, and human rights? Therefore, naturally I assumed you were referring to Nima. But NO, you too side with the brutality of such a regime instead of applauding the efforts of Kambiz and Saman.

Just think about it: this is a regime that is so fanatical that they rape our young sisters before executing them so that they don't die as virgins as these maniacs believe "virgins go straight to heaven" as to not "pollute" heaven and to "deny" this to them too. Any individual standing with the brutality of this regime rather than condemning it and its brutality, oppression, and illegitimate rule against the Iranian people, whether Iranian or non-Iranian, is the enemy of the Iranian nation, the Iranian people, and humanity in general. Shame on you.

Nima Shirazi said...

How could someone attack the freedoms and core values we have afforded to us here in the west (whether the United States or Europe) and justify the actions of such a brutal regime at every opportunity rather than siding with the Iranian people who continue to shed their blood for freedom, secular democracy, and human rights? Therefore, naturally I assumed you were referring to Nima.

Anyone familiar with my writing will recognize the above statement as possibly the most hilarious and ridiculous thing ever committed to print. Thanks, sasss31.

Please stop trolling my website now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nima, I have an idea. Instead of giving the talking points of the IRI, maybe you should actually GO on their show.

I know you're one of those ultra-leftists that hates the US government, and yet, finds it SO HARD to criticize the IRI.

It's almost like criticism of the IRI cannot come out of your mouth.

So how about this, next time you go on a show and make an ass out of yourself, do some fucking research.

Parazit is run by VOA but they have no editorial control over their content. If, at every meeting, Clinton called up Kambiz and Saman and filtered out content, I would totally 1000% agree with you.

Your little "hypothetical" is STUPID because if the English version of Parazit were made in Iran, and they wanted to poke fun at Khamenei, they COULD NOT!!!! Parazit can easily make fun of Obama, or the Clintons, or whoever, whatever policy.

Your hypothetical English counterparts COULD NOT do the same damn thing (criticizing IRI on PressTV).

I hope you sleep well tonight knowing you and the likes of you are hindering the Iraniani Democracy movement.

Nima Shirazi said...

Without a doubt, the best part of this whole conversation, if it can even be called that, is the inescapable realization that many Parazit fans not only have a Manichaean worldview, they are also clearly neoconservatives.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah totally! I'm TOTALLY a neoconservative! You're a lunatic who calls us neoconservatives because we want democracy and human rights and Iran and when two young gentleman attempt to use a platform to convey their thoughts, you criticize them!

Sally said...

Lots of laugh at 'gentlemen'!
(Im avoiding 'lame web abbreviations'!)

Anonymous said...

Sally you are a conformist, you obey your master, what ever laws and rules no matter how ridiculous they are.

Useful idiots like you who live in Wealthy Democracies and go to North Korea and praise Dear Leader Kim Jong ill. You think it is cool to live under Theocratic leadership that tells you what to eat , what to wear and what to say, do yourself a favor and go and live in Iran or North Korea. Mullahs would love another convert and conformist.

Make fun of those who bleed for Freedom and slap them with a label of New Conservative, and like this useful idiot go to Al Jazeera and call it an unbiased source, follow the tread of Hamid Dabashi , NIAC and Trita Parsi to make a deal with a devil and call it a peace process.

As for Nima, Majority of Parazit fan which has now increased substantially after Al Jazeera Show , which calls Persian Gulf , Arabian gulf , are Noe-conservatives and mullahs who are raping , torturing and murdering their own citizens because of the cult of Islam are peaceful harmless creatures.

Self pitty , self righteousness and Self hatred is the characteristic of your kind.


Nima Shirazi said...

Thank you, Babak, for the comic relief. It was needed here. And boy did you deliver.

That said, I think this comment thread has run its course - there has been nearly nothing interesting or substantive posted here, most of the posts are angry, ugly nonsense, and the whole thing has wound up rather inane and unproductive.

There is far too much name-calling, constant accusations of allegiances that don't exist, incessant questioning of identity and other assorted absurdity.

I have already refrained from approving a number of particularly vitriolic comments (some of which, though supportive of my perspective, were more concerned with leveling attacks at other commenters here) and I see no indication that the conversation will improve.

Thus, the comment section is now closed.

And again, if anyone really feels the need to continue writing profane garbage (whether you agree with me or not), the Parazit Facebook page will surely be happy to have you.

Thanks for the chuckles, everyone, it's been a sincere sensation.