Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Citations Needed, Episode 24: Highlighting Alternative Media - The Moral Limits of Dunking on Thomas Friedman

At Citations Needed we enjoy nothing more than ragging on corporate media - indeed, it’s our primary job. But can constant snark and negativity breed cynicism? Recent feedback from some of our listeners has us wondering if the act of media criticism need also make room for some media complimenting, lest we succumb to the forces of defeatism.

In this episode, rather than critiquing the myriad problems with the corporate press, we decided to highlight two smaller media organizations fighting back against tremendous forces - in this case, environmental destruction of native lands and the carceral state – by building alternate systems of communication, news-gathering, storytelling, and organizing.


The Show


The Guests

Jade Begay is a filmmaker and media strategist with Indigenous Rising Media, an Indigenous Environmental Network Project. She is also currently a Sustainability and Justice Communications Fellow at Resource Media.

Jay Donahue is a member of Critical Resistance, a national grassroots organization building a movement to abolish the prison industrial complex. The Abolitionist newspaper, a publication distributed free of charge to over 5,500 people in prisons, jails, and detention centers throughout the United States, is a project of Critical Resistance.

The Organizations

Learn more about the organizations highlighted in this episode, sign up for their newsletters, and donate to support their work.

Indigenous Rising Media
Critical Resistance
The Abolitionist

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Citations Needed is a media criticism podcast, hosted by Adam Johnson and Nima Shirazi, political commentators and media analysts working to call bullshit on (usually corporate) media’s ubiquitous reliance on and regurgitation of false and destructive narratives, tropes and stereotypes.

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