Friday, February 28, 2014

Wide Asleep on Radio Dispatch, again!

I had the sincere pleasure of joining the great John Knefel - investigative reporter, Occupy gadabout, and broadcaster extraordinaire - on today's episode of Radio Dispatch, the stellar progressive daily podcast.

John and I spoke about the ongoing multilateral negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program, the constant barrage of disinformation and sabre-rattling from Israel, and the AIPAC push for new sanctions on Iran that would inevitably (and deliberately) scuttle the talks.  You know, the usj.

The interview begins at about 10:17 and runs roughly 22 minutes.

Listen to it below or download it here.

And be sure to check out John and Molly Knefel's amazing archive of past shows here. And listen to the show from now on. C'mon people.


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