Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hey, Remember That Iran War the U.S. Never Fought? Well, Newsday Does.

The latest entry in the media's frequent confusion between Iraq and Iran, the Long Island-based newspaper Newsday posted the above headline today.  Ok, fine, it's just a typo.

The article, which reports on the reaction of American veterans of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan to the tragic and gruesome injuries suffered by victims of Monday's Boston Marathon bombing, never refers to Iraq accidentally as Iran, making clear that the error was an editorial one when headlining and posting the piece.  Odd, though, that such a clear and obvious error was not immediately corrected.  Hours after it's posting, the headline remains intact.

The URL for the article similarly contains the word "Iran" instead of "Iraq."



April 23, 2013 - After about a day and a half, Newsday has finally corrected their Iraq/Iran typo, noting:
A previous version of this story mistakenly referred to Iran, instead of Iraq, in the headline.
The article's URL has also been updated.


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