Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is Barak Ravid the new Judith Miller?

From The New York Times on September 8, 2002:

From Ha'aretz on August 9, 2012:


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samuel said...

Faster, Please

Ending Israeli Apartheid is of first priority importance because of what Israelis do in order to ever PREVENT the dismantling of Apartheid – namely, hoaxing the US into attacking Iran

There needs to be a coalition of the Willing to box Israel in until Apartheid is dismantled, because once dismantled Israel will cease to have any need to threaten Iran or any other country

Palestinian citizens of a Non-Apartheid Israel, an One State Solution Israel, would never have a reason to attack Iran

Problem solved – the bogus Iranian threat to Israel solved – it is and always was a problem with Israel as an Apartheid state and desperately willing to do anything, like a flailing swimmer, to keep Apartheid afloat

Ending Apartheid is the solution to Israel trying to hoax the US into attacking Iran, an attack which every expert agrees will destroy the American economy and much of the global economy as the Middle East conflagration touched off by Israel in it’s misguided desperation to avoid dismantling Apartheid

Until Israel is pressured into coming to it’s senses – a ‘Coalition of the Willing’ to box Israel in and prevent it starting a Middle East regional war, if not WWIII, is in everybody’s interest, but most especially in America’s vital strategic interests to prevent it’s economy being destroyed by an Israeli attack on the oil center of the Known Universe.

So far we know that Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are on board this a ‘Coalition of the Willing’ to create a NO FLY ZONE out of Israel and box Israel in – this eliminates the Northern and Southern routes by which Israel can attack Iran. All that’s left is to close the last avenue ( the Central route over Jordan and American-controlled Iraq) possible for Israel to launch an illegal attack which will destroy the American economy – and as Zbig Brezinzski recommends, the Americans should seal off this last Israeli route and hermetically seal Israel in and save America from Israeli plans to drag it into a war with Iran