Saturday, January 19, 2008

American Idle

So, I'm at a loss. It seems that no one I really know cares nearly enough. About anything. Sure, most folks I have any substantial contact with would call themselves "liberal," but what the hell does that mean? If it means that they vote when they remember to vote for Democratic Party candidates that they've heard of in the news or on TV, then that's bullshit. Nonsense. They are all smarter than that. At least, I would hope so.

But hope is an expensive commodity these days and the US economy doesn't entice me to buy in at this point.

I think I'm just sick of knowing that people who would consider me a friend of theirs will be the ones lamenting, "Well, if I knew then what I know now..." when the truth of the matter is: WE DO KNOW NOW.

It's very easy to find out what's going on, it really is. But it's the overall lack of interest that has stalled the process of dissent and determination. People I know still read The New York Times and get headlines from CNN. And why? There's plenty of evidence that these are exactly the news outlets that distribute and disseminate false information straight from the asses of the exact people we need to not listen to. So where does this lead? I don't know. But I do care.

I care about things - what they are, I will not go into here. There's no need for a laundry list of important issues facing this world; the things I believe don't need to be bullet-pointed. All I want, at this point, is a little more interest, a little more activity, a little more action. We can get into specifics later...Iraq, Iran, Palestine, elections, etc...whatever. I just want a little more attention to be paid to what's really going on. Shit, read some Chomsky. Broaden your scope. Don't just wait to see what something, anything, to make sure that what should happen happens.

So here's a start...I'm not sure at all what this site will turn out to be, if anything at all. I guess I just wanted to start somewhere, if only to pool together some information and articles that are important to me. So here goes.

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